Rivers and Dams

The entire Gadchiroli district is included in the drainage basin of Godavari river. At the South Western boundary of the district, near Sironcha, Godavari enters the district and flows eastwards for about 50Km along Southern boundary of the district. After its’s confluence with Indravati, at the South-Eastern corner, the Godavari turns South into Andhra Pradesh.

The Western boundary for a distance of 225 Km is formed by the flow of Wainganga river which devide Chandrapur and Gadchiroli district. Khobragadi, Kathani and Mirgadola rivers are major tributaries.

The Pranhita river, formed by confluence of Wainganga and Wardha rivers; forms the South-Western boundary for 190 Km till it’s confluence with the Godavari. Dina river is the main tributary.

The Indravati river enters in Maharashtra near Kowande village of Bhamragad Tehsil in the district and forms the South-Eastern boundary for a distance of 120 Km before joining the Godavari. Parlkota (Nimbra), Pamulgautam(Kotari) and Bandia are the major tributaries.

The River Godavari confluence with Wainganga river at Sironcha; Godavari and Indravati at Somnur; Wardha and Pranhita near Chaprala in Chamorshi Taluka; Parlkota (Nimbra), Pamulgautam(Kotari) and Indravati (Triveni Sangam) near Bhamragad.

In addition to above, following rivers also flowing through the district.

  1. Gadhavi
  2. Khobragadi
  3. Pal welochanna
  4. Kathani
  5. Siwani
  6. Por
  7. Darshani

Major Rivers

Following are the major rivers flowing through the district ;

Vainganga, Godavari, Pranhita, Dina.

Dams in District

At present, only one Major Dam Project namely Tultuli has been proposed by the Central Government on Khobragadi river and it is not completed. Apart from this, 11 Medium Dam projects are proposed but work is not completed.