District Mining Office

Duties assigned to the designated officer are as follows;

  • Minor minerals and related matters
  • Permits for mineral quarry.

The revenue collected during the last three years by the Mining Dept. is given below

During Year Target in
In Lacs
Of Achievement
1 2015-2016 2000.00 1971.11 98.56%
2 2016-2017 3000.00 4818.37 146.01%
3 2017-2018 4500.00 5321.88 118.26%
4 2018-2019 5300.00 3756.01 70.87%

Major Minerals in the District
The important deposits occurring in the district are Iron Ore, Limestone, Diamond. These mineral deposits are of economic interest and help in strenghtening the industrial base of the district.
Mainly, the Iron Ore deposits are found in Surjagad and Bhamragad areas of the district. Limestone deposits are in Devalmali and Katepalli areas while Diamond are observed in Wairagad of the district.