Gadchiroli Tourism


It is situated in Bhamragad Taluka. Binagunda-Kuokodi are historical villages. They find place in survey of India map. These are located in Abujmad, The tribe living in this area are called Bada Madias. It is a cluster of 6-7 villages with around 140 families. To reach the village Binagunda, we have to go to Aheri-Allapalli-Bhamragad-Laheri and then Binagunda-Kuokodi. The distance is about 210 km from headquarters Gadchiroli and also from Chandrapur. This cluster is almost cut off for 8 months. The BILT makes the road motorable for their purpose to extract and transport bamboos. The primitive tribes earn livelihood on the wages earned through bamboo cutting and the tendu patta collection. They used to do shifting cultivation. Their existence is mainly on forest. They are away and ignorant of the normal rural life of plain area.

It is famous for it’s waterfall, INDRAS FALL. Binagunda is 40 kms east away from it’s Taluka place, Bhamragad. It is situated on the border of Maharashtra & Chattisgad states surrounded by hill vally of Abuzmad on the west. The fall crosses journey of 6 hills & falls at Binagunda throughout the year. 4 kms away Kuvvakodi is located on the hill top.

Favourable Season for visit : Complete Year (Difficult to reach in Rainy season)

Surjagad & Petha

Surjagad hills are situated in Etapalli Taluka. The Hill Ranges of surjagad are spread over 27 Kms. It is known as Surjagad Pahadi. These ranges have various species of flora and fauna. Dense forest and greenery in the region attracts trackers of the area. Stones in the area are rich with iron ore. The government also trying to establish iron mines in this area. It is famous for its natural beauty. Species of butterflies in this hilly area also attracts scholars and tourist. In monsoon small waterfalls and flooded rivers creates awesome scenery in the region. Madia vanvasi lives in the villages in Surjagad Pahadi.Petha in situated in the bottom of thes hill top. Sewa Samiti runs a dispensary in this village. ‘Chandrakhandi’ is a beautiful spot near this village. It is 2 Km. away from Petha.

Favourable Season for visit : Complete Year


It is situated in Mulchera Tahasil of Gadchiroli Dist. Chaprala is very popular pilgrimage & spiritual place in Gadchiroli District. It is also known as Prashant Dham.. The Temple was founded by Kartik Swami Maharaj in around 1935. Now it has became the groupd of temples of Lord Shiva, Saibaba & Hanuman, Durga, and other gods and goddess, always crowded visitor pilgrims. It is on the bank of river Pranhita. Rivers Wardha and Vainganga unite here to for River Pranhita. It is a ‘Sangam’ place of Wardha and Vainganga and also the orgin of River Pranhita. Basin of the river is about 1 to 1.5 Km. in width. So it has its natural beauty. Bordering states of River Pranhita are Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.It comes under Chaparala Wild Life Sanctuary. The place comes under Mulchera Administration. Many wild Animals can be seen here.

Favourable Season for visit : Complete Year.

Bhamragad Sangam

This place is located on bank of rivers pamulgautam, Indravati & Parlkota. The wide spread of water of rivers in Monsoon is eye catching. It is famous for its greenary & dense Forest. We can find the culture of Madia tribe. Bear, dear & other wild animals can be found oftenly. The sunset at bank of tri-river is another pleasure for tourists. The View from PWD guest house of the tri-rivers is gorgeous.

Accomodation : Forest Rest House and PWD Rest Houst,Bhamragad.

Distance from Gadchiroli : 180 KM South

Favourable Season for visit: Complete Year.

Lakka Metta

Famous for LAKSHAGRUH, a miracle of nature heritage. According to tales, in the period of Mahabharat, Pandavas took shelter in the Lakshagruh. Many evidences proove the tale & stories. It is located in the Aheri Taluka, on the Alapalli- Sironcha Road, from the vilage Repanpalli, 4 kms. in the dense forest, the Lakshagruh is situated. When Kauravas tried to kill Pandavas sheltered in lakshagruh, Kauravas fired out the lakshagruh but the gruh was madeup of natural elements it went burning for a long time & Pandavas get rescued of it. Pandavas used a hidden way to come out of it which was opening in a lake. The bricks of Lakshagruh, the hidden way, the lake are witnessing the truth. It is on the hill top and have to go there early in the morning as there is only tracking route for approach.

Accommodation : Rest House, Alapalli, Aheri, Gadchiroli. Nearest Village: Repanpalli

Distance from Aheri : 40 Kms.

Distance from Gadchiroli : 150 Kms.

Travelling : By Roadways, Bus

Favourable Season for visit : Complete Year except Rainy Season.

Van Vaibhav AllaPalli

The Glory of Allapalli is located in Gadchiroli district. It is 16 Km. from Allapalli. It is a Permanent Preservation Plot established in 1953. Area of this plot is about 6 ha.
Biodiversity :-Biodiversity of the region has been preserved very nicely and so very old and straight growing trees may be observed here. Three Stage flora with numerous species of flora and fauna is observed. Eco-system is tried naturally to be maintained. Hence various species of algae, fungus, insects and spiders are seen here. The Ecosystem in Medpalli Lake attached to this area is attraction of tourists and researchers. Tallest tree is Teak with 39.70 meters height. Largest tree is also Teak with 5.27 meters girth at breast height. Because of fire protection thick layer of humus exists on the forest floor.

Best season to visit: October to February.

Markanda Deo

Markandadeo village is a popular place of God ‘Shiva’ and is grandeur for religious people not only in Maharashtra but also everywhere in India. It comes under Chamorshi Tahsil in Gadchiroli sub division. Village population is about 1000. The village is situated on the bank of Vainganga River.

How to Reach Markanda ?

Markanda village is situated at 65 kms away from Chandrapur and 184 kms from Nagpur.
It is at 40 kms distance from Gadchiroli and 25 Kms from Mul in Chandrapur District.
Bus services are available through out year from Nagpur, Chandrapur and Gadchiroli to go to Chamorshi and then Markanda.

Nearest railway station to the Gadchiroli / Markanda is Mul.

The bus routes to go to Markanda are as follows;
Chandrapur – Gondpipari – Ashti – Chamorshi – Markanda, Chandrapur – Gadchiroli – Chamorshi – Markanda, Nagpur – Gadchiroli – Chamorshi – Markanda, Chandrapr – Mul – Saoli – Markanda.