Culture & Heritage

The total population of district is 10,72,942 that includes 5,41,328 Males and 5,31,614 Females ( As per Census 2011).Most of the density of population is located in Chamorshi taluka which is 1,79,120 and it’s percentage is 16.69 %
Tribals in Gadchiroli district
Most of the people living in district; are of tribal community. The population of tribals in the district is 4,15,306 & it’s percentage is 38.17 % while the population of scheduled caste people is 1,20,745 & it’s percentage is 11.25 % approx. Due to this, district is categorised as Tribal District. The Major community of tribals those reside in the district are Gond, Madia, Pardhan and Kolam. They have their own languages as “Gondi, Madiya”.
The tribals in the district have their own culture. They are used to perform worships of their God “Persa Pen” and others. They do dance “Rela” on auspicious occasions and when new crops come. Rela dance is popular dance among the tribals. The other dance is “Dhol” dance. Holi, Dashehara and Deewali are the main festivals of tribals. The tribal community families reside in the dense forest of District.
The other community people have their own Festival such as Ganpati, Dashera, Diwali and Holi. In some part of district, villagers are interested in arranging “Natak, Tamasha” on the occassion of “Shankar-Pat” in the month of January and February and also arranges the culture programmes as “Dandar” on Festival days like Dashehara, Diwali, Holi etc.

Languages Spoken in Gadchiroli District

The following table shows the area wise languages used to talk by the people in the district. The tribal community people talk in their mother languages which are Gondi, Madia. The other languages in which the peoples speak and known to them are, Marathi, Hindi, Telgu, Bengali, Chattisgadhi.
The languages which are used to talk in the district shows the impact of languages those are talked in adjoining state to the district.

Sr. No. Taluka Name Language speak in the area
1 Gadchiroli Marathi, Hindi,Gondi,Bengali, Telgu
2 Armori Marathi,Bengali,Gondi
3 Wadsa Marathi,Hindi,Bengali
4 Kurkheda Marthi, Gondi, Dhami and Chattisgadi
5 Korchi Marathi,Gondi,Dhami, Chattisgadi
6 Dhanora Marathi,Gondi,Dhami, Chattisgadi, Bengali, Madiya
7 Chamorshi Marathi, Bengali, Kannad, Gondi
8 Mulchera Marathi, Bengali, Gondi
9 Aheri Marathi, Telugu and Gondi
10 Etapalli Marathi, Gondi, Madiya
11 Sironcha Marathi, Telugu and Gondi
12 Bhamragad Marathi, Madiya