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Due to the Forest Conservation act, particularly Zudpi Jungle problem and Naxal activities in the district, Industrial Developments for both Small Scale Sector and Medium Industries is very poor.

The economy is wholly based on Agriculture & Forest. There are absence of Forest based Industries. The tribals and scheduled caste sectors continue to suffer from poor economic conditions and hence are always prone to disasters caused by floods, heavy rains and health problems.

    • The MIDC at Gadchiroli is smallest Industrial Estate of Vidarbha Region. Some of smallest industrial units such as Rice Mill, Confectionary, Still Furniture, Coal Briquates, Oil Mill, Bakery, Ice-Cream, seed processing, D.P. Prepartion Works, Furniture, Paints, Mozaic Tiles are set up here and are working. .

    • Ballarpur Paper Industries Limited has set up it's unit at Ashti in Chamorshi taluka and is 70 Km away from Gadchiroli.

    • Another, Paper Industry as M/s Jejani Paper Industry is started working at Desaiganj.

Gadchiroli District has source of much of the minerals such as Diamond, Gold, Ferrous and others. There are mines for those minerals in the areas Vairagad, Surjagad of the District.

Also, most of the area is covered with dense forest. So, the district is also benefited if the industries are set up for production of items from raw materials of forest. But, there are no industries opened for production of above minerals and even on forest oriented products.


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